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Do you need a new central heating for your home or business? At LMS Heating Services, we can help.

We supply and fit a range of heating systems. We repair and check existing heating, too. We specialise in:

  • Wet Central Heating System
  • Warm Air Heating Systems
  • Landlord Certificates
  • Gas Appliance Installation
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Boiler Service & Repair
  • Maintenance Contracts

Wet Central Heating System

Wet systems are the UK’s most common form of heating. In a wet system, hot water flows through a network of pipes, which connect to radiators throughout your home or business. And at the system’s centre, a boiler burns fuel, which in turn heats the water that feeds the network of pipes.

Despite their name, radiators don’t just emit radiant heat. In fact, heaters pass the majority of their heat through convection. Air, when warmed by a heater, rises naturally, and cold air falls. As a result, hot air circulates and warms your room.

You may also connect your pipework to a hot water cylinder (tank), which provides enough hot water for a bath or washing your dishes.

Warm Air Heating Systems

Most UK homes have gas fired boilers fitted. As if you have a gas supply, a gas boiler is the most cost-effective way to warm your house or business. However, warm air heating is also an affordable way to keep your home heated.

Warm air heating works by pulling the air into your property from an outside vent. A gas fuelled flame heats the air, and then a system of ducts circulates it. This heating works well inside insulated properties, and in one-storey houses and bungalows, but also performs great in bigger homes and commercial premises.

Flame heated air is efficient and rivals your gas boiler concerning performance. Ducting air around your home is also productive. It can heat a room in an instant, while also, preventing the build up of damp and condensation in your house.

Warm air heating is a good option for some homes. For example, a small flat that’s still under construction, which allows us to inbuild the ducting. Or in a modern property, which is well insulated and where you can fit a warm air system, this kind of heating can work well.

Landlord Certificates

As a landlord, you’re responsible for all the gas appliances in your rented property. It is also your responsibility to make sure that every year, all your maintain and check all your gas appliances.

A landlord gas safety certificate (a CP12 certificate) is a prerequisite for all rented properties. And to receive this certificate, a Gas Safe registered engineer must do all the work required.

Remember: as a landlord, it is your duty to make sure your certificate is valid. No matter what length of time you rent your property out for, failure to have this certificate can lead to a fine or even a jail sentence.

At LMS Heating Services, we have vast experience in dealing with private landlords and letting agents, landlords and agents just like you.

Gas Appliance Installation

Be careful: installing a boiler or a cooker can be difficult, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can go wrong. Also, a Gas Safe registered engineer must install all gas cookers and boilers. If you do it yourself, you could nullify your landlord or home insurance policy.

At LMS, all our expert engineers are Gas Safe registered; we’re fully qualified to fit your gas appliance, be it a cooker or a boiler.

Boiler Replacement

Our Gas Safe qualified engineers are accreditated installers for top boiler brands like Worcester, Ideal, Vokera and Baxi.

We are also a Which Trusted Trader. Which? Trusted Traders is an approval scheme run by Which? Their trading standards professionals rigorously check and identify reputable tradesmen and tradeswoman. Not just any company is approved.

The Which? assessment process included:

Credit report
A credit report was taken to verify the financial health of LMS.

Customer Satisfaction
Which? checked a range of client references from 10 randomly selected domestic customers.

Business procedures
A meticulous examination of our work and administrative processes were undertaken to ensure that LMS have your interests at heart.

Interview and assessment
A Which? trading standards professionals interviewed us face to face to understand how we run our company.

Due to the high demands of the Which? assessment, not all companies make it through the evaluation process. Only business who meet the high standards can become Which? Trusted traders. And we’re proud to say that we’re one.

Boiler Service & Repair

Have peace of mind by signing up for our ongoing boiler service contract or let us perform a one-off repair.

One off repair

You don’t have to be a contract customer to qualify for a one off repair. We can help anyone, no matter how big or small the job is. One of our specialist heating engineers will examine your boiler, provide you with a price to repair it, then if you’re happy, fix it.

Boiler Service

With our boiler service, you’ll get a fixed price for your repair and continuing cover for your boiler and central heating system. We also provide unlimited call outs for your boiler and central heating system.
Annual service included ensuring everything runs reliably and efficiently.

Boiler Maintenance Contracts

Boiler repairs can be expensive and inconvenient. That’s why we recommend that keep an eye on your boiler. Doing this ensures that it works all of the time efficiently, rather than being forced to pay out for repairs or high energy bills over the winter.

The first thing we do to ensure your boiler is performing at its peak is service it annually. If someone doesn’t check your boiler on a regular basis, it will become inefficient, requiring you more to spend more than you should to keep it running.

At LMS heating service we do the following:

  • Test all components functionality
  • Inspect and clean all parts and pipes
  • Replace any parts that no longer work.

You may be wondering: why is boiler maintenance necessary?

Boiler maintenance is key to guaranteeing that your boiler is fit for purpose. Gas leaks are rare but dangerous. They are difficult to discover in your house. Having a professional heating engineer carry out your maintenance is the most efficient way to defend yourself against disaster.

It’s important that a qualified engineer undertakes all work. The first reason for this is safety. But, also, if an inexperienced engineer makes any mistakes while repairing your boiler it could cost you a lot of money.

At LMS, our fully trained engineers are Gas Safe registered, which means you are investing in a trustworthy service.

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At LMS heating services we promise to take care of your heating needs for your home or business. No matter the size of your problem, you can rely on us to get your heating back to the way it should be. At the heart of everything we do is your peace of mind. Whether fitting a new boiler or installing a warm air system, we get the job done right, the first time. Simple as that.

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